Alina Kuderska
When it comes to adaptive clothing, one size does not fit all. In fact, there might be number of factors that you might need to consider while shopping for adaptive clothing to make sure that your item meets your specific goals, needs and requirements. Here we're offering you three steps to follow to make sure that your item is something that you are looking for.


So, step number one, consider the type of disability that you have. What do you think might be the best clothing option for you?
For example, for ladies with the lower body immobility, at SPARKIES we normally recommend to wear garments that make the process of pulling on and off easier, smoother and more comfortable. Like let's say we have pants with the full side seam opening, and it's just enough to place the pant when it is unsnapped on the bed, then gently just move the body on top of the back side of the pant, and then place the top part of the pant on top of the body and just snap the sides of the garment back together. And you done! This way we eliminate that sometimes challenging feeling of, you know, tightness, or potentially squeezing certain parts of the body that might be uncomfortable for the person and challenging for the caregivers. And this is something that we're trying to avoid.

Then, step number two, consider what are your daily activities and routines? Maybe there is certain time of the day that you might feel the most challenging. And that might be something that you might think about, while you're searching for adaptive clothing that is going to solve that specific matter. For example, for those ladies that might need to have access to certain parts of the body during the day, because let's say there is a need to install some port, at SPARKIES we have tops with the easy access to, let's say, chest area or side seam, or the stomach. It is just enough to unsnap garment a little bit, then install the port, and then snap the garment back. This way, you're still wearing the same garment. It's quite fast, and you feel yourself comfortable. So, sounds like a good good idea, right?

And, step number three, always consider your specific body type and shape. All of us ladies are so unique: tall, petite, plus-size. And of course we want our adaptive clothing to be comfortable. But, let's admit, we are beautiful. So we want to make sure that our clothing also flatters us and helps us to present our best features because.. why not?

And finally, sometimes these search for adaptive clothing might be so time consuming, but I always recommend to invest certain amount of time in the beginning to perform this search. So then later on, if you have to get some additional item, you would know for sure where you should go and what is the best place specifically for you. And if you feel that you might have some additional questions, concerns or not sure in something, don't be shy to ask the professional, your doctor or a physiotherapist. They're supposed to have some additional information on certain brands, companies and types of adaptive clothing that they may be able to recommend you.
Good luck in your journey on searching for the best adaptive clothing that fits for you! And if you have any additional questions, we're here for you!

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