How Self-Care Can Boost Your Mental Health Significantly

How Self-Care Can Boost Your Mental Health Significantly

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 How Self-Care Can Boost Your Mental Health Significantly

How Self-Care Can Boost Your Mental Health Significantly


The term self-care can easily be misconstrued as something that it's not. Moreover, for busy individuals, self-care can be equated to being selfish when in reality, it's the exact opposite and is, in fact, the perfect antidote to feeling mentally healthy. SPARKIES lists some common self-care techniques that are simple to do but, again, are easily overlooked because they may seem to be too good to be true.


Find joy in reading a book


With technology slowly taking over our lives at times, the art of reading a book is slowly being pushed to the side in terms of the first thing we grab hold of when we need to escape for a bit. Finding joy in reading a book if you haven't done so in a while could provide the break you need to put aside your worries as you immerse yourself in the world of your imagination.


Spend time in the fresh air


Few things in life are free to enjoy. Therefore, nature should be one of those gifts we should embrace with open arms every chance we get. Besides being free to use, there is something wonderfully inexplicable about nature's effect on a tired and weary mind.

Upgrade Your Wardrobe


Is your clothes closet or dresser drawers looking a bit outdated or sparse? Maybe it’s high time for a wardrobe overhaul. Even if you need adaptive clothing, you can find great styles that are flattering, attractive, and confidence-boosting. Check out the extensive offerings of casual outfits at SPARKIES.


Remain in an atmosphere of gratitude


Sometimes we can take the simple things in life for granted when it is, in fact, those very things that bring us immense joy. Remaining in an atmosphere of perpetual gratitude could be the way out of continuously looking for the next best thing to make you happy. One of the ways to do this is to stay present and mindful of all the beauty that exists around you to nip anxiety and depression in the bud.


Go for a hobby


Again, taking on something else besides everything else you still have on your plate may seem counterintuitive to getting more rest. However, as Utah State University notes, partaking in a hobby you truly enjoy can end up giving you extra energy and better mental focus than you had before. The beauty of doing a hobby is that it provides a way to break away from the mundane, allowing you to focus on something else that you want to do that isn't just another to-do on your never-ending checklist of things to do.


Getting a firm grip on your finances


If your finances are in bad shape, this can take a toll on your mental health. Therefore, it is in your best interest to take stock of your current financial situation to see where you could be saving more, which should hopefully end up giving you the extra piece of mind you crave. Refinancing your home is one way to free up some cash you might need for something else more urgent. In addition to this, refinancing your home could also save you in the long term if you can negotiate a better lending rate or search for cheaper home insurance options, for example.


Drink enough water


Being sufficiently hydrated is vital to feeling focused and refreshed. Therefore, Healthline points out that ensuring that you have a bottle of water with you throughout the day will help tackle common issues associated with overextending yourself, whether at home or work.

As you can see, self-care is just as important as eating, drinking, and sleeping because, without self-care, you can't expect to do any of the aforementioned well at all. And if we can't do these basic functions, then tackling more important decisions, such as manipulating a budget to work for us and freeing up some cash by refinancing, will prove impossible to do too.


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Guest Contributor: Karen Weeks

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