About Our Referral Program

Thank You for Considering our Referral Program!

By joining us, you contribute to raising awareness about inclusivity in fashion and adaptive design, highlighting their transformative impact on individuals with unique needs in their daily lives. Moreover, you become an integral part of our inclusive community. In appreciation of your support, you'll have the opportunity to earn a commission. We value your contributions and believe that your involvement will be highly valued.

Seeking Influencers Who Are Committed to Inclusivity

We are forging enduring partnerships with influencers who embody the ideals of our brand:

  • Are you committed to disability advocacy, fashion, and inclusivity?
  • Do you authentically engage with your audience?
  • Are your values aligned with our brand's vision?

If so, we invite you to join us on this journey!

What to Include in Your Posts, Reels, and Stories

Please make sure to include the following when communicating with your audience:

  • Hashtags: use hashtags like #DisabilityFashion, #InclusiveFashion, #AdaptiveClothing, #sparkiesusofficial etc.
  • Content: be creative and post content that speaks about our brand, functionality of the garments, what you find useful, etc. All that we ask you for, is that you just be yourself, real about our product and company's mission. We encourage you to to create reels, posts, stories, and tag us. We will also share your creatives with our audience, and help you to grow your following too!
  • Cross Analysis: if you're just starting, we suggest that you check videos of other influencers, and where you can get some ideas about engaging content.

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Contact Us for Any Questions

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our team members on IG, submit a contact form, or email us at hello@sparkiesus.com

We are here to support you and grow our success together!