How Sparkies Visited Duke University

How Sparkies Visited Duke University

Earlier last month, on April 10th, Sparkies got a chance to visit Duke University and speak with students about adaptive design and the importance of creating more adaptive and accessible designs. 

The picture here was taken during our talk. 

Sparkies Visiting Duke University

Hi, my name is Alina Kuderska, and I am the owner of SPARKIES.

Myself, I have been always inspired by creating not just nice, but also solution-oriented garments, that can have additional purpose and help during daily activities. And that was one of the fundamental reasons that inspired me to create SPARKIES. 

With all the rising changes in the fashion industry, I understand the importance of speaking with the young generation of designers & business-oriented folks, and helping them through guidance, inspiration, or both. 

I am extremely grateful to Duke University, for giving us the opportunity to meet their students and have an open conversation about adaptive design and accessibility in fashion. 

We've received lots of questions about the business side of accessible fashion, creative aspects, intellectual property, inspiration, etc. 

Here is the picture of the school: 

Duke University

The conversation was a follow-up to the adaptive runway show, that took place at Duke University earlier in April. And, with SPARKIES we were showcasing our adaptive designs there. All the models with special needs were absolutely fantastic!

The picture below was taken by Duke University members. The lady in the purple-pink-cream tie-dye pants was wearing a SPARKIES outfit. Our multicolor pants with the full side seam opening are wheelchair-friendly and very comfortable, as well as easy to pull on/off.

Once again, thanks so much to Duke University for creating an amazing platform for accessible fashion.

Stay tuned for more! 


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