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I like the sparkle of the fabric!

Made with quality, for recovery

I like that I can wear this wrap top and not to wear anything over it, great for recovery and sensitive breasts.

Love it

I like snaps on the side, beautiful fabric and silhouette.


Cosy pants for lounging at home

Good pant for ankle recovery

I had to change recovery patches for my ankle 3 times a day, and it was convenient, that I could just unsnap and then snap them back there.

You wouldn't even realize these pants are adaptive

We like them, because they can be worn as regular pants, and snaps are hidden inside. Very classy. Made with taste.

Comfy Pants for Wheelchair User

We bought these pants for my mom for her nursing home. She loves them, thank you!

Cute and shiny fabric! Made with quality.

Dress on Snaps Wrap Charcoal Black Adaptive
Beautiful Dress for my Recovery

Great fabric. I had difficulties with pulling on clothing due to my stomach recovery, and this wrap dress on snaps was a good helper.

I like the shine of the fabric. And collar is cute. Comfortable wrap dress.

I loved it! Very convenient for a wheelchair user.

Great pants

These will be great to wear after partial knee replacement surgery!

Thank you so much, Joanne!

Pants with Full Side Seam Opening Cream
Cheryl Little
Good quality!

Perfect length! Just wish I could put them in the dryer.

Hi Cheryl,
Glad you liked the item! You can put them in the dryer, on the gentle mode.

Nice quality

Thank you, Brenda! Glad that you like it!

Love!!!! Comfy & so useful!!!!

My mom has a PICC line halfway between her shoulder and elbow. She needs to be connected to TPN for nutrition 16 hours a day. Due to her setup, none of her pajamas or lounge wear worked with her cords. We worked with Alina to design something that worked with her lines, but was cute, comfy and warm. We were blown away by how these were made - they fit her perfectly, the material was so soft and the extras (snaps in the sleeves and custom lengths) were spot on. We are so thankful and happy with them! The pics look a little loose bc we requested that due to her stomach bloating after chemo.

Dear Alana,
Thank you so much for these kind words!! So happy that your mom liked the product! We are very grateful to create more styles that will make her life easier!

Amazing, handcrafted PICC line clothing!!!!

Alina worked with us to create amazing pj's and casual wear at home. My mom has a picc line halfway between her shoulder and elbow. She had nothing comfortable to wear for relaxing around the house and no pajamas for the night that would accommodate her nightly nutrition of TPN that runs through her port. Alina designed these custom gowns - they are so soft, comfortable, work so well with the port/cords and they help keep my mom warm at night. My mom wouldn't be happier, she used snaps on the sleeves so the port can be easily accessed but also closed if not needed. Also these are just adorable to wear! My mom will answer the door, visit with her friends, nap, watch TV and also sleep in these. They are all she wants to wear and most importantly, she feels comfortable and cute. Alina is the best and we can't recommend her or her clothing more!!!!! 1000 stars!!!!!

Thank you so much!!

Another side opening I like

I ordered this one together with another top, with openings on both sides.
I like to switch them, depending on my mobility needs.
Very pleased with quality!

Love side openings!

I was looking for something like that quiet a while. I need to be able to open my clothing on sides due to some medical procedures. So I am really pleased with this item. Good quality and sits nice, not too tight to the body.