About Us

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Thank you for reading story about us!

Brand SPARKIES was established in 2021 in the heart of NYC.

We specialize in design, development and production of adaptive and stylish clothing. We see our mission in empowerment ladies of absolutely different body shapes, needs and conditions, by providing them stylish and comfortable designs. 

We currently operate on US market, as well as ship our clothing overseas. Our SPARKIES styles have been successfully shipped and worn in Canada, countries of Europe and other. 

We constantly work on implementing various designs, specific fabric qualities and properties, to make sure, that our clothing serves its purpose. 

All our styles include various smart solutions, such as snap and hook and loop closures, wraps, etc. 

We make our clothing suitable for:

* post/pre-surgery conditions;

* rehabilitation;

* wheelchair and limited lower body mobility;

* amputees;

* limited dexterity, etc.

We design in-house in the USA and produce overseas. We love what we do and supervise our production with close attention to detail.

We are friends w inclusive communities, among which are: Best Buddies NYC and Gamut Management Model Agency. 

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